This fairy was commissioned in memory of a very special little girl.  This little girl was born asleep 8 years ago and her family wanted something special to put in their garden to remember her.

I talked a lot with her mum and asked her the most important question - how did she see her little girl ?  She told me that she saw her little girl playful and happy.  She also shared her story with me and she told me that the worst moment in her life led to a rebirth for her family and they went on to have 2 more children because of her little life.  What came across was the huge positive impact this tiny life had.

I came up with this design.  I wanted to have this fairy playing and every child loves a kite.  The kite was designed to represent her family.  On top of the kite, I have a heart that is filled with the birthstones of both parents and down along the ribbon are 6 butterflies.  These 6 butterflies represent her 6 siblings, each in their birthstone.

When someone flies a kite, it can only fly when it is held - once you let a kite go, it will crash.  So, this fairy on one level is playing with a kite - but the story behind this is of a family that are flying and soaring because of their love for a tiny little girl who is always in their heart.

This piece was approx 1250mm tall overall.

"I really can't thank you enough....it's not just your talent & professionalism but equally your deep humanity and understanding of our grief and then translating all that emotion into something so insanely beautiful. It truly is a labour of love I think!  I really can't sing your praises high enough! Thank you so much! "- R



Co Limerick, Ireland