These 2 fairies were commissioned by a lady in Michegan in memory of her mum and dad.

At the end of her garden, overlooking a lake, she had a giant oak tree and this is where she wanted her fairies to live.  My other half carved 2 stumper mushrooms to attach to the tree and I designed the fairies.

She described her dad as quiet and thoughtful - someone who loved the tranquility of fishing.  So I created my Fisher Fairy.  I wanted him to look peaceful - for a fairy that loves fishing, he would live in the most perfect place !

For her mum, she wanted something more lively and full of energy.  We discussed various things, but then she told me that her mum loved the wind and would stand outside in a storm to feel it.  I came up with a fairy leaning into the wind with her hair and dress blowing back.

These 2 fairies have gone to live together in such a beautiful place and, to give you an idea of the size of the tree, these fairies would be about 650mm tall - that is one HUGE tree :)




Co Limerick, Ireland