These 4 fairies are very personal to me.  I am one of four sisters and we are each born under a different element.  We call ourselves The 4 Elements.

I had been promising to create a fairy for each of my sisters for a while and I finally decided to just take the time and get them done.  Each of the Element fairies is based both on the element and the personality of my sisters.

The Earth Fairy is for me - my peaceful place is out in my garden, listening to the birds and I find that my energy is recharged after spending time ether working or relaxing there.

The Water Fairy is my sister, Amanda - she loves all things magical and sparkly and all shades of blue.  So I created a Merfairy for her.  Alongside her is a seal and this represents her beloved dog, Milly, who spends most of her life in the water and is half-seal anyway !

The Fire Fairy is my sister, Jill - she is always on the go - with 3 teenagers, a full-time job and a love for a very tidy house, she is always on the go.  This fairy is on a mission and, along with her watering can she carries a glass candle holder - at night, she can light up and, during the day, it can be filled with flowers.

The Air Fairy is my baby sister, Jen - I created this fairy for her when she was expecting her first baby and I wanted a special piece to mark such a special time.  All the crystals in her wings are clear for Air and also because she didn't know the sex of the baby.  Her clothes and hair are flowing to create a feeling of wind.  And, in case you are wondering, she had a wonderful boy, called Jackson - and the second is on the way !

Each of these fairies measures about 420mm