This is a Merfairy - a mythical creature happy in the sea or the sky !

This tropical Merfairy was commissioned to spend her life next to a pool in sunny Florida.  My client wanted to include Florida life - a hummingbird, a mahi-mahi fish and a sailfish.  We also included a coreopsis flower.

So, because the merfairy is holding a hummingbird, I designed her to look as if she was jumping out of the water, holding the coreopsis flower and the hummingbird has landed to feed.

I created scaled versions of the mahi-mahi and the sailfish separately to be mounted near her.

This has been the most colourful piece I have made and the thousands of coloured crystal beads will catch the Florida sun beautifully.

The merfairy measured about 600mm overall and the tropical fish were about 300mm head to tail.



Co Limerick, Ireland